cornerstone refund policy

The initial booking fee that you pay is 100% refundable should the booking is cancelled within 7 days from the booking date.

How does the refund process work?

If you decided to cancel your initial booking within 7 days, simply fill-in the cancellation form and send it to ( along with a scanned copy of your ID. Please understand that we cannot accept refund requests without a scan of the ID and a signed refund form. Also, please understand that the refund will always be paid back to the same credit card you used and will not be paid back in cash.

Where can I get the refund from?

Download the Cancellation Request Form

What if I decided to cancel my initial booking after 7 days?

Unfortunately, in this case, your initial booking fee will not be refundable.

What happens if I do not Sign the contract and settle the payment within 7 days?

Cornerstone Development will cancel your initial booking and the initial booking fee will not be refundable. You must sign the agreement or cancel the initial booking within 7 days.

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